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What really happens in Ukraine. Europe you have to know this!

Former prisoner of the secret prison of the Ukrainian Security Service tells about his tortures and detention conditions

Vadim is my friend who told me his story. I believe that Europe needs to know what is really happening in the Ukraine and that Ukrainian authorities are doing to their citizens. I did it for those who have remained in the dungeons of the SBU. I am not an English-speaking man, so I translated as I could ... I'm sorry for the mistakes.

Here is German version:
Here is Russian version:

I translated his story and here is a text version:

I am Chekhovskiy Vadim Nikolayevich, was born in Kharkov, was a political prisoner and was held unduly in a confinement cell in Security Service of Ukraine in Kharkov region. To world community it is known  that Ukrainian legal bodies with knowledge of Ukrainian authorities crudely break human rights in the country, at the same time Ukrainian authorities officially declares about absence of Security Service`s crimes.

But the most of the same prisoners of conscience as well as me, that they were tortured in Ukrainian Security.  I know at least 46 people, which were secretly kept in Kharkov SBU, among them were women. Officers of Ukrainian Security Service beat us, used electroshock, threatened with violation, with revenge and death to our families, at the same time I want again to attract attention то that secret prisons, system of tortures in them are supported by authorities of Ukraine.

Else I have to say ,that Ukrainian authorities, in spite of declarations of lawyers, are supported functionating of secret prisons and take measures to hide evidence of lawlessness and breaking of human rights. I`ll say about it later.

Now about crimes of Ukrainian authorities, which I had firsthand knowledge and about which I was told by people which were with me in secret prison of SBU. These people are afraid to declare officially to fear for their life and life of their relatives, because of threatening, they get threats from legal bodies of Ukraine. I am a participant of movement “Antimaydan”,  which now gets stronger in Kharkov. As a true patriot of Ukraine I couldn`t be indifferent to events, which happen in my country. That`s why I took part in meetings in Liberty square in Kharkov, I opposed tyranny and lawlessness of being now Ukrainian authority.

On 18-th of March 2015 without presentation of any accusations I was detained by SBU and by assisting them representatives of battalion "Azov". At the time of my detaining I was cruelly beaten in my wife`s presence compelled me to find my guilty in crimes, which I didn`t do. At night I was taken to Kharkov SBU where I was placed in a cell for interrogations. During all the time of my illegal detaining my relatives didn`t know where I was what is it with me and how I am. At the same night without presentation of any accusations was detained my wife, which was cruelly beaten, and placed in a cell for interrogations opposite me, probably in order to put upon me pressure and to rich needed to them evidences. They expected me to confess my membership in terrorist organizations, offences of terrorist acts and other terrible crimes against Ukrainian people.

After such pressing on me and my wife I was, of course, broken. And during a week regarding me were drawn up some variants of reports, which include almost all state capital offences. Reports were drawn up without any official legal procedures.  Interrogations were guided and reports were drawn up by investigator Prosnjak Andrey, captain of justice. After I signed all these documents any more interrogations and other investigations against me were not. And in a cell for interrogations I was alone about a month. I want to tell special about arrangements for the custody. There was not any toilet, any washing stand any berth. I had to sleep or sitting on a chair, or on the floor. And was a big fortune to sleep well, when was brought some old mattress dirty and with blood spots.

Constantly I felt cold and dampness. Across the cell was a pipe with dropping water. As a result I was down with bronchitis. Medical aid concerning my appeals was only pertial. I am an invalid, I have only one kidney. I informed about this as soon as I was detained. And I needed supported therapy, but on my requests and complains of pain nobody took attention, medicine I didn`t have. By the way, in case of injuries I got at the time of my detaining and first interrogations, I needed surgical intervention, in operation. I was operated. I was taken to some ambulance room. I was accompanied in auto, where I couldn`t understand because it hasn`t any windows It was a small cell. So later I was placed again in the cell. Middle April I was replaced to 8 cell, where was Kulish Vitaliy Nicolaeyvich, from Kharkov was born in 1972. He was kidnapped by officers of SBU from Debaltsevo. He worked there in the Center of settlement of the conflict in Donbass. In this cell he has been for two month without court and investigation, any prossessing acts, any interrogatives they didn`t carry out to him.

On the 1-st of May we were for the first time taken out for a walk, during it I found out who was placed in other cells. In cell 7 was a girl, whose name was Anna, she was from Donezk and had been in prison already for 6 month.  After tortures and interrogatives by officers of SBU  she became mental disease. We had heard earlier that from cell 7 reached to us some cries, imitating cries of animals. And there at the time of walk we found out that cried out she.

Our food was very bad. They gave two spoons of cereal, one spoon of cabbage. For dinner we had 12 spoons of soup, tea without sugar. From those food I lost about 40 kg, and my neighbour in cell Vitaly had all signs of dystrophy. Early May we had urgent order to take our things to transfer in another place. Also was a demand to clean the cell in order to cannot be seen signs of staying people there. Soon from the people which were taken for interrogations. These people were placed in corridor and fastened by handcuffs to small windows on doors of the cells and we had possibility to talk. They told to us, that came commission on human rights and interested in particular by secret prisons of SBU. On the 9-th of May to me started to come executive officers of SBU, and with threats and intimidation forced me to give false statements against of activist of Antimaydan Кovtun Marina. They were faked a criminal case on different articles: terrorism, assistance to terroristic organizations. And so else I had to slander Tapchaeyv Victor Pavlovich, which was torment to death by officers of SBU and his death they tried  to present, as some common event, as a home accident. Later, on 20-th of May 2015 I was brought to the court of Kievsky district of Kharkov, where to me was preferred accusation in keeping of weapon and was selected measure of restriction - house arrest. In spite of the court order I was again placed in cell 8. I asked investigator Prosnyak a question: "Why are they doing so?" He explained to me, that they try to bring me to limits of legal field.
On 21-st of May, next day, 2015, I was again brought to the court of Kievsky district and they forced me to give false evidence against Kovtun Marina. Early June 2015 was changed the head of the prison. Arrangements for the custody became a little better. We got sometimes toilet paper, sometimes soap. Food started to cook directly in the prison. Cooking was a duty of also illegal detained girl. Her name is Anna, surname is Neboga. Fullname is Neboga Anna Vjatcheslavovna, she is from Kharkov. In the prison she was till September, later she was removed somewhere, they said, to the town confinement cell and her further fate is unknown.

In September on me again, to me again started to come officers of SBU, executive officers started to put some pressure upon me and demanded from me to sign agreement between public prosecutor`s organ and court about confessing myself be guilty according article 263 of criminal code of Ukraine in illegal keeping of weapon. In exchange of this to me was promised my relation with the family, and also minimal term of deprivation of freedom. Taking into account despair of my position I trying to get status any legal status, I had to agree to sign this agreement. And date of legal proceedings was set on 24-th of September. I was convicted by the court of Moskovsky district to 1 year of deprivation of freedom and was taken to the town confinement cell 27 before the sentence came into force. Being in this cell I rapidly turned to administration because of my appeal to be tied with human rights institutions, OSCE, Red Cross to inform them about lawlessness, which had place in Security Service of Ukraine.

Later I was replaced to convict colony 12, where I served out the term during the year. At the end of the term of my being in colony I was regularly visited by officers of SBU and by threats, namely by promising of new more longer term of imprisonment, the tried to incline me to give false evidence against citizens of Russia and Ukraine, who were supposedly privy to terroristic activity, to carry out acts of terror. They threated with arrest to my family. During rare walks, about 10 walks for 6 months, when I was in SBU, I had possibility to communicate with other illegal detained people, to tell each other about anarchy, tortures and other lawlessness, which had place on the territory of Ukraine.

About that how, staying in SBU prisoners were hidden from human rights institutions and about other facts. About this I was told by my neighbour in the cell Аlexey, who was in prison in SBU from 2014 and with whom we met already after imprisonment. According to Alexey`s words late in 2014 he, after detaining without applicable processing acts, was placed to Kharkov SBU. They started to put physical and psychological pressure, to bring him to confess in that, he didn`t do. They offered to him to confess guilt in doing some diversions on the territory of frontier districts of Kharkov region.

He, as other prisoners of SBU, was detained for political reasons. He and other prisoners were let out by Ukrainian court. All they, as and I were there illegal. Our relatives about our detainity were not informed. Also Alexey made a point, that SBU in any ways tried to hide from human rights institutions facts about illegal staying people in secret prisons. By testing of this facts, prisoners were constantly replaced in other rooms.

Middle November 2014 during 6 hours, were hidden admittedly, in assembly hall of SBU about 20 people. On that day came Commission on human rights to SBU, which wanted to check legality of staying people there. After that on last days of February 2015, all 12 people which were with him in the cell, were brought out and hidden during 6 hours in office rooms executive officers or investigators of Kharkov SBU.

On 20-th of April 2016, 17 people about 17o`clock were brought by bus to the building, which was fenced with barbed wire in Karla Marksa street. There they were held during about 5 hours in the bus and then removed back to their cells. A month later on 20-th of May, 2016, 19 people of prisoners during 4 hours were hidden in shooting gallery of SBU. During that time, when Аlexey was in prison, upon him constantly put pressure executive officer Anton Kalyuzhny, and he made any terms, demands.

After performing of these terms of Anton Kalyuzhny, he was dressed, dressed up in new clothes and he was removed from the place of imprisonment. So he pointed, that all interrogations, beatings were led by Anton Kalyuzhny. And all thing of this beatings was to make people to confess their guilt exactly in separatism, in caring out acts of terror, in terrorism.

Also I want to tell stories of other some other people, with which I had to meet during my staying in the prison of SBU. Here, for example, a story of Alexey, more exactly, may be said, not a story, but his soul`s cry. A man, already not young, was driving to his country house, and saw how Armed force of Ukraine got out 'Grady' on battle position and directed them to the side of Donezk. He made a telephone call to his wife, in order his family concealed themselves somewhere in the cellar and was noted by officers of SBU this conversation. He was arrested, was exposed to cruel tortures. They put in tapping screws under his nails, he was undresses and fasted by handcuffs to a tree in frost weather, but the man is already 60 years old, he is not young. All his life he spent, exactly, gave to blessing of Ukraine, worked as a miner.

And other man is young Bezlakovsky Stanislav was detained by "Pravy Sector" and only because he had a ringtone "Rise, Donbass!". He was cruelly beated. He was beated and ill, hardly walked, was brought and placed in a cell of SBU. Else one man was there with us, citizen of Russia Vladimirov Konstantin Yurieyvich. He came to have a rest at the seaside of Azov and was detained by radicals from battalion "Аzov", only because he is citizen of Russia. He was exposed to cruel tortures so, he got a mental trauma and became brainsick. All these people were illegal under arrest in SBU. All this, I have told about is only a little part of facts about breaking human rights in Ukraine. These facts are hidden from human rights institutions, and also from citizenry of Ukraine. After these terrible facts authority of Ukraine may take the liberty to negate breaking human rights. Me and other illegal detained people, in memory of tormented to death and missing persons in prisons of SBU consider that crimes of Ukrainian authority must be made known to public and we demand from international organizations to adjusticate their crime acts and to punish the guilty. You see, this survival of Middle Ages and lawlessness continue and now.

Now I want to read out lists of prisoners of Kharkov SBU:

  1. Sergey Korneev, from Kharkov, 45 years old;

  2. Albert Strigunov, Donezk region, 63 years old;

  3. Sergey Arkhipenko, Zhdanovka, Donezk region, 45 years old;

  4. Sergey Tonkoshkur, Alexander Chepigin, from Kharkov, 57 years old;

  5. Alexander Samoylenko was born in 1993, Severodonezk, Lugansk region;

  6. Oleg Kalashnik, 47 years old, from Kharkov;

  7. Victor Savchenko, 30 years old, from Kharkov;

  8. Nikolay Khmaruk, 55 years old;

  9. Yuri Tishchenko, 52 years old, Druzhkovka, Donezk region;

  10. Andrey Ilyin, 40 years old, Konstantinovka, Donezk region;

  11. Petr Petrovoch Kozlov, 65 years old, Kramatorsk, Donezk region;

  12. Yuri Fokin, 35 years old, Kharkov;

  13. Maxim Agayev Konstantinovka, Donezk region;

  14. Victor Gritsenko, 52years old, Artyomovsk;

  15. Sergey and Ruslan Kir 30 and 17 years old from Dokuchayevsk;

  16. Alexander Shakhayev, 55 years old, from Zaporozhye;

  17. Evgeny Patsyuk, 27 years old Byelorussia;

  18. Bezobrazov Vladimir Alexeyevich, Russia;

  19. Kondalov Vjatcheslav, Russia;

  20. Mashkin Nikolay Grigoryevich, Nikolayev;

  21. Vitaly Kulish, 44 years old, from Kharkov;

  22. Yaroslav Zamko, was born in 1990, Mirgorod, Poltava region;

  23. Komissarenko Sergey, Torez;

  24. Kazatskiy Alexander, was born in 1982;

  25. Galimulin Vladimir, was born in 1973;

  26. Tkachenko Andrey, was born in 1989;

  27. Salakup Vladimir, was born in 1988;

  28. Vladimirov Konstantin Yuriyevich, was born in 1987, Russia;

  29. Grichin Dmitry, was born in 1968;

  30. Pritula Andrey;

  31. Roshchupkin Dmitry, Chuguyev, Kharkov region, was born in 1989;

  32. Dolbin Oleg, Chuguyev, was born in 1979;

  33. Vakaruk Nikolay, was born in 1982;

  34. Petrenko Victor, was born in 1958;

  35. Ashykhmin Victor, was born in 1957;

  36. Bezlakovsy Stanislav, was born in 1988;

  37. Shandr Alexander Alexeyevich, was born in 1957, Donezk;

  38. Gavryushin Sergey, was born in 1958;

  39. Berest Valery, was born in 1965;

  40. Neboga Anna Vjatcheslavovna, was born in  1986;

  41. Monastyryov Vjatcheslav, Kharkov

Please! Help to spread this information, ordinary people in Europe should be aware of what is really happening in Ukraine!
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